"As an independent artist, I have the freedom of recoridng the music that I feel at any given moment in time. Jazz, R&B, Pop, HipHop, NeoSoul, Funk, etc. There's no box to limit my creativity."

Kyhree Nation


I'm Kyhree Nation, an independent artist, singer and songwriter. For many of us, music is the soundtrack of our lives. The beat, or lyrics of a song can instantly take us back to a specific moment in time. Music can elevate, and make us move, or simpley allow ourselves to sit quietly in the moment.

"The creation of a song all starts with a thought, an idea, a beat or a simple melody. Then the magic happens . . ."
Released 30 April 2021
"What's This Thing Called Love""

Released 9 March 2021
"Amiga Mio"

Released Feb 2021
"Why You Gotta Be That Way"

Release Dates

  • music theme
    I'll Be Waiting For You

    Sultry ballad written/recorded by Kyhree featuring guest artist Miakyhree. Co-produced by Ziron Studios and Katir Malik Corporation.

    2020Jun 15
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    Rocks, Waves & Sand

    Here's a mix of Jazz, Funk and a splash of creative inspiration from our lead guitar player. Turn it up!

    2020Jun 18
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    You Got Me Thinking

    A love song with a fresh rhythm that comes alive with the silky smooth voices of Miakyhree and Kyhree.

    2020Jun 18
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    I'm Waiting

    Inspired by Bossa Nova rhythms, guest artist Miakyhree delivers a smooth, jazzy rendition of this original composition by Kyhree.

    2020Jun 18